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Prayer Stones


Hand-painted stone with crystals & Focus Word

professionally-printed Scripture card

Downloadable file of beautifully-designed verses

Prayer Stones are a physical aid to prayer. Angie meticulously designs, paints & embellishes these beauties to help others strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. Many early mornings spent before dawn in prayer and reflection have left Angie (& many others) dozing off back into sleepy land, making it difficult to cultivate a successful morning routine with the Lord.


       These prayer stones are designed with the fruits of the Spirit in mind. Each has a word painted on the bottom of the stone, inviting a focal point for prayer time and reflection on days when the words just won't come. The front of the stone, with its tactile surface of paint and crystals, is a way to focus through touch (repetition through moving fingers over the bumps).

       Each comes with a professionally-printed Scripture card (standard business card size) that can be kept with the stone, put in a purse, or set on an office desk.

       Additionally, each Scripture card has a corresponding QR code with access to a downloadable file. Beautifully-designed Scriptures are easy-to-print and come with assembly instructions. These invite memorization, daily meditation, or just a reminder that in a crazy world, God's Word still stands true!


Available only on Etsy. Click here to see more images and information. 



. . .    designed to love & be loved by the  Creator of love 

Join her journey towards spiritual maturity as she learns how to love and be loved 

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